Pictures of the Harbourside Hotel, The Marina Inn and The St Andrews GuesthouseWe have the great joy today of launching a website, combining booking facilities for The Harbourside Hotel, The Marina Inn and The St Andrews Guesthouse.

While we still have a number of the rooms to photograph, Andy Tremble of the Harbourside Hotel is keen to get the site launched, so we will be continuing to add content over the coming days and weeks.

Blueprint Style Drawing of the Harbourside Hotel for’ve had a great time preparing this website for launch, from getting to see the great rooms and facilities at the various sites, getting to visit and photograph some of the attractions nearby to let guests see what they can do while visiting the town.

We’ve also been getting to sketch the layouts to these hotels, so not only can you see every room, but you can see exactly where in the building the rooms are. Don’t want to walk up too many stairs?, well you can see whereabouts your room is, want to see if you can book two rooms next door to each other, check them out on the maps. Two of which you can see on this page.  We had fun preparing them to look like blueprints sitting on desks, useful but eye-catching and good-looking too.

Blueprint Style Drawing of the Marina Inn for

We’ve really tried to bring you through the entire journey, greeting you with a map on the front page, so you can see where in the town these sites are, through seeing where your room is, right to panoramic pictures of the rooms.

Beyond that is a booking system, which allows you to select the dates you want to stay, and it handles credit card payment for booking the rooms.

So please check out the site, see the great offers that Andy can offer through his new site, follow him on Facebook for more news and offers.







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