Scottish Brewery Encounters Ransomware Assault

Arran Brewery of Scotland, of late, encountered a ransomware attack targeted at its top executives. The officials state they suffered extremely because the cyber assault disrupted their business. They brought in security experts so work in the company could be reinstated.

The brewery said it could not access the PCs in its office following an incident of trickery against its higher officers who unwittingly clicked a file attached to an e-mail which carried virus.

Gerald Michaluk Managing Director of Arran Brewery commented the assault was extremely tricky. He explained that a job vacancy in his company for an assistant for finance and credit control was advertised on its website. From nowhere applicants began approaching online from across Scotland and the globe, which was because as realized later the cyber criminals exploited the situation and posted the job vacancy taken from Arran’s website onto an international recruitment website.

Additionally Mr. Michaluk explained the majority of e-mails coming in daily contained CVs attached. Those job hunters who were genuine, in their e-mails only the virus existed and it became active the moment their CVs were viewed. As a matter of fact, the particular virus was very new, so the company’s anti-virus program couldn’t detect the malware. The virus subsequently began encrypting the company’s databases such as backup files then other files on its systems followed with the central server.

Here as per Arran Brewery, the crooks after this demanded a ransom of 2 bitcoins valuing 9,600 pounds in exchange for restoring the company’s computers as well as decrypting the locked files. But the company decided not to pay. This was even as it lost considerable sales data of 3 months that was on the server.

Ever since Arran Brewery hired a specialist for identifying the problem while the specialist cleared off the virus too that helped restore the system partially. He also asserted once the key could be deciphered, all lost data could be regained.

Michaluk hoped anybody else in a likewise situation would be able to recognize the criminals via their MO while manage avoiding the same problems Arran Brewery suffered.

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