Trump Trumps

    Hello and welcome to Trump Trumps. It’s a version of the classic Top Trumps game, we’ve taken a bunch of The Donald’s statements, and rated them for Sexism, Racism, Bulling, Boasting and we’ve even counted up the mentions for each on Google. You or the computer goes first, and selects whichever of the headings they think is better than their opponents. The winner gets both cards, and gets to choose next.
     We’ve tried to rate them all as fairly as we could, but the scores vary wildly, as Mr Trump is often sexist or racist, but rarely both. We’ve played it a bit and it’s possible to win and lose.
     The cards each have a video of the particular occasion embedded in them, so have a watch, and have a cringe at the fact that the future President of the United States actually said that stuff.

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