5 Free Twitter Tips For Start-ups

As you might expect using Twitter for business can be a bit different from running a personal account.  Your content will obviously circulate around the product or service your business offers, rather than social posts, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Here are 5 easy to follow tips that will help you get most out of Twitter and it won’t cost you a penny.

1. Use Lists

The lists functionality on Twitter can be a very handy tool. It is what it sounds like, lists of Twitter accounts. It allows you to select a group of accounts on a theme of your choosing. This way you can focus on one aspect of your business at a time, rather going through a timeline filled with topics on various themes. It is also worth noting that when you put an account on a list you can set it to private. This means that accounts you have on your list won’t know they are being viewed, unlike when you follow the account in the traditional sense. (Yes Twitter has been around long enough to have traditions.)

2. Engage Directly

To get the most out of Twitter it is important to engage with your followers. Find ways to connect with people throughout the day. When someone comments, comment back. You may not want to follow everyone who follows you, but it is always nice to follow back when you can. It’s nice to be nice, and people like nice people.

3. Keep It Relative

As point 2 says, you want to engage with people as much as possible, but remember you are running a business. You want to stay on topic, and find ways to make the talking points of the day relate to what you are trying to promote. If it doesn’t either reinforce your brand or image, or sell and promote your product or service, it might end up doing more harm than good. You don’t want your Twitter feed to seem like a forum for an unrelated topic.

4. Keep A Routine

People will come to expect certain things from you in terms of the frequency of your content. You can decide what content is best and the timings of your posts, but once you do, stick to it. If you regularly post a blog on a specific evening every week, for example, your followers will be keeping an eye out for it, hopefully looking forward to it.  If you suddenly start posting that blog at different times on different days you risk losing people’s interest.  Also, if you start posting it at different times of the week your followers can potentially miss out on information.

5. Use Analytics

There are several sites you can use to analyse your account, however Twitter’s  Analytics function is free and easy to interpret.  It provides you with a lot of useful information that you can use to track your Twitter data.  You can work out what type of content works best for you, improving your presence and efficiency.  It allows you to monitor information on things like  how your content is being received, the posts people are engaging with most or the number of views.  This means you can address any issues you’re having and also get confirmation of when you’re doing a good thing and getting it right.

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