What should you Tweet?

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What posts should you make on your Social Media? As I mentioned in my post on How to grow your twitter, one of the main things you need to do in your social marketing through Twitter (and Facebook, Linked In and Google+) is set a schedule, but what should you put in that schedule. How many times […]

Is my Website finished?

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Is my Website finished? It’s the question that you’ll ask yourself when you’re building a website, or getting one built for you. The short answer is . . .   NO!   The long answer is . . .  Maybe . . . for now . . . but not it’s not finished finished. You […]

How to set up a Hotel Booking Website!

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How do you set up a site for Hotel Bookings? There are loads of different ways of setting up a hotel booking website, but the way I’m going to shop you involves WordPress and WooCommerce, so you’ll need to set those up by following the instructions for setting up WordPress and WooCommerce. So once you’ve got […]

How to set up an E-Commerce Website!

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So, how do you set up an E-Commerce Website? Well, although there are numerous other ways to set up an E-Commerce site, we specialise in WordPress, so we’re going to use that. I’ll not run over setting up WordPress, as we’ve covered that elsewhere and I’ll assume you’ve set up a site already. How to build […]

What is a Marketing Funnel?

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Introduction Building a Marketing Funnel is the new big thing in Web Design at the moment, and while they are a new way of framing what we do, they’re nothing new in themselves, and in fact reach back into more traditional marketing for reframing web design. Basically a Marketing Funnel breaks the stream of getting […]

How to build your own Website!

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Okay, I’ve said in the past not to build your own website, and for 99% of businesses I still absolutely completely recommend this, the danger of making a severe mess of it and destroying your credibility is massive. However, for businesses operating on an absolute shoestring, or people who like to tinker with technology I […]

How to grow your Twitter!

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It’s a bit of a blunt title, but that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you, or at least what I’ve been doing to grow my Twitter account. I’ll point you towards the websites and systems I’m using, and tell you exactly what I’m doing. I’ve been doing this for three months now, and have […]

Most Common Business Mistake

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Think for a moment, one day you are at an event and run into Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates. You shake his hand, talk about some business, and he hands you his business card. Imagine you look down, and you see his email address “billgates295@hotmail.com“. What would you think? Would that seem savvy to you? Would […]

Beer Trumps

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Introduction Beer Trumps? Being ex-brewery staff, we like our beer. And being essentially lazy we love reusing code and techniques. So this morning, before breakfast I whipped up the below. So what is it? It’s a “Top Trumps” like game, where you guess which of it’s ratings is higher than the opposing cards ratings. We’ve […]