A Call to Arms: Writing Calls to Action

While your website may be full of great pictures, writing and information, you’re missing out on a key way to drive increased sales if the pages contain no calls to action.

What a call to action is about is giving the reader a reason to buy from you, or at least a reason to return so that you have a second attempt to sell to them. Putting in more calls to action is one of the key ways to market and sell business online today.

By giving them something to do, some next step they need to do, whether that is to return and read further, or question themselves whether they need your services, or even to just buy on the spot, you’re connecting with your customer in a very personal way on a one to one basis. You’re asking them to make a decision, not the collective visitors, but them directly. While they may dismiss this out of hand, it’s a proven method.

Calls to action work better from positions of authority, if you don’t come over to the visitor as a reliable source of information then they’re unlikely to be involved when you ask something of them, but if you’ve provided information, then it is almost instinctual for them to trust you and want to return the favour.

Of course it is important if you’re asking questions of the visitor to your site a question, that you have the answer. Do they have a problem, you’ve got the solution, do they need something, you’ve got it, do they need help, you can do it, do they know who’s the best, you are. By being an authority they can trust, and having the answer to the question you’ve asked and they find lacking, then sales and repeat business should follow.

By appearing to be an authority, you’ll appear larger and more confident than most businesses, and you’ll inspire trust in your brand. The key to success in online sales and businesses is providing the visitors to your site with a confidence in you and a belief that you can best provide them with the solution to their wants and needs.

And it seems somewhat uncouth to finish with, but they say practice what you preach. So why not read some of our other blogs to help us establish our authority, or get in touch once you have come to trust that we know what we’re talking about.


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