What does your hue say about you?: Part two



In part two we’ll look at another four colours and let you know how these are typically used in business to convey the personality of a brand.  When conveying your company image, the colour scheme of your logo or branding is your first chance to make an impression.



Purple is often used to denote individuality and compassion.  It shows depth of creativity and emotion, with a lack of convention.  It’s a colour that people automatically associate with quality products, that’s why companies like Cadbury’s and Premier Inn use it, to forge that association at the first impressions stage.   Purple is also associated with imagination which is why it crops up now and again in entertainment, the Game logo or E4 for example.


Pink is usually seen as a feminine colour, associated with intuition and love, and branding and media tends to reinforce this.  Barbie, Cosmopolitan and Hello Kitty are pink because social convention suggests it will appeal, and it often does, to their target market.  However, in recent years this trend has been changing and pink shouldn’t be written off as gender specific.  BBC three, hmv and T-Mobile all introduced pink logos in the last 15 years, widening the scope of pink shades to suggest forward-thinking, off the wall or entertainment associations.


Black is classy.  It’s sleek and it shouts luxury.  Only it doesn’t shout – it whispers, but people listen none the less.  It speaks of quality, intelligence and style.  This is demonstrated in logos from the BBC and HBO to ADIDAS and Nike, through to the heights of Channel, Dolce and Gabanna, and BMW.  If you were going to choose a personification of these concepts it would probably be James Bond…wait, what colour is the 007 logo? Black.


If your colour choice is orange then you should be relying on your instincts and be spontaneous.  It shows freedom and optimism and, like yellow, is just fun.  Used by brands like Fanta, Nickelodeon and Penguin Books, it’s exciting.  I’m sure a big telecom company used it, but I can’t think of their name…

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