And the winner is. . . .

So, we’ve got a winner, and it’s controversial . ..


Its 8-Bit Dug









And he disapproves. But then again, 8-Bit Dug disapproves of everything. Especially me using him as the first image on the page so the real winner doesn’t show as the thumbnail image for this post. 🙂



So, the actual winner was















So, the rainbow pattern little scamp won. We felt he was much friendlier than the other options, especially the cold dead eyes of the killer dug peeking round the corner. It’s amazing how little details can really swing it for a design, and in this case it really did just come down to the eyes.

As for the colour scheme, the rainbow gradient was felt to be strong enough to stand on its own against both light and dark backgrounds, and while allowing no colour to dominate, it gives a strong showing to purple, which we feel to be the company colour.

Hopefully you will have noticed that the site is now a little more alive than it has been recently. We’ve still got loads to do, but we’ve at least made a start.

Tomorrow, business cards.