The whole world loves a rainbow!

So Catherine had suggested taking the logo’s and making the same designs but brighter fresher gradient colours through them, and putting it over a white background.











Okay, so the first few I totally ignored the idea of putting them over a white background. I was accused a few months ago of being in a dark phase with my design work, and I don’t think that it is entirely false accusation. One day I’ll do a design entirely in shades of black, which will be very hard to make out but will look awesomely cool.

But even I have to agree, the gradient colours bring the designs to life, taking the same image but looking far more modern, vibrant and fresh.

So, taking the design towards it’s final incarnation, I decided to give my partners a set of the designs in a range of colours, both over white and over black, so when selected the design could be used over either.


















































Some of the designs the colours are bright enough to stand on their own away from the backgrounds, but the paler more pastel schemes become indistinct and difficult to read against pure white. Adding a small border of contrasting colour helps them stand out more, but a thin black edge is too shocking and overwhelms the colours in the other way. So I added the border in a mid-range grey, and added a drop shadow to really make the image stand out from the white.

So, the time has come for a final decision, which will my partners pick?