With Adobe the Sky isn’t the Limit

Adobe, the maker of Photoshop, Illustrator and many other useful tools has posted the below video handy for polishing up your pictures.

It’s called SkyReplace, and it intelligently works out the difference between the sky in your pictures and everything else, and then allows you to replace it (it was kind of in the name there really). It’s a cool little tool, nothing which can’t be done in Photoshop, but very handy indeed and worth keeping an eye on.

The coolest thing won’t be just sprucing up your holiday pictures, but the weird uses people will find for it.

On a project I was involved with a few years ago, the client asked for the picture of their building to feature a local landmark in the background, a mountain. The problem was, that the building was side on to the mountain, and you could have either the mountain, or the front of the building, not both. So the client asked us to Photoshop it. So we carefully cut around the building and the horizon, and took a picture of the mountain and inserted it, and the client was happy.

However around the office there were now several versions of the picture, with the clients building with Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, the Death Star, etc in the background, since the hard part was cutting around the building and horizon tidily, and dropping backgrounds in was the work of seconds once that was done. However, Adobe has now made this kind of silliness easily within the reach of everyone, and no doubt far, far more.



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