Blue Sky Thinking, Under Blue Skies






The weather in the west coast of Scotland has been fantastic this week.  It’s the sort of weather that makes you stare out of your office window and wish you could work outside.  Is that really such a ludicrous idea?

We don’t think so!  Between us this week we’ve worked in parks, gardens and strolled in the sun between field-visits and it’s been nothing short of absolutely lovely…and productive too!

When morale is high, productivity is also high.  So if people would rather be in the sun why not let them?  Let’s face it, in the UK it will never be a permanent arrangement and with modern tech there’s not much to stop you.  You could create your own space outside that has the functionality of an office by utilising the resources you already have, mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

There’s nothing like warm sunny days, fresh air, nature and blue skies to help you feel positive.  These can, of course, be distractions but they’re the sort that can make you more creative and energised; a far cry from a stuffy office.  Feeling the breeze instead of air conditioning, natural light instead of fluorescent bulbs, a view instead of wall art – it all has an uplifting, positive impact.  It makes sense that the more happy or comfortable you are on a hot day the more you’ll achieve.  The outdoors can be an inspiring surrounding, boosting morale and offering the best of both worlds, you can enjoy the heatwave and get on with your work without constantly checking how long it is till home time.

Try not to let the imbedded associations we have with sun and leisure make it difficult to stay focused on work.  Approach your tasks in the same way as you normally would, prioritising and managing your time.   You might even find that you get more done because you’re relaxed or because you want to finish your tasks early to enjoy some recreational time in the sun.

If you can’t move everything outside for the full day, try to set a little time aside to work outdoors.  Cafes and restaurants often have tables outside that can be stimulating office alternatives, suitable for working for a couple of hours.

Make sure you’re prepared, check that your devices are fully charged and anti-glare screens will also be handy.   If you don’t have any countryside beauty spots or parks nearby why not try working from a beer garden?  As long as you don’t get too distracted by the beer you’ll reap all the benefits of working in the sun and you don’t have to worry about practical things like wi-fi connections…or the loo.  Oh, and don’t forget your sun screen.

The weather will turn soon (perhaps in a couple of hours) but the sunshine will be back soon enough.  When it returns, make the most of it.  Have some fun while you work and soak up some vitamin-D.

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