Facebook isn’t your Website

While she’s a little shouty for my tastes, Amy in the video below makes some good points. That Facebook isn’t your Website, and if you’re using it that way, you’re using it wrong and aren’t getting the best out of it as either Facebook or as your website.

What’s the difference?

Facebook is a fantastic communication tool, but that’s what it is, where your website is your catalogue, a way of presenting information about yourself, your products and your way of doing business.  But it’s mainly static, a set piece of work that people can go to and find out information about you and your business.

What’s Facebook for?

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, are not designed for that purpose, and while you can do some amazing things putting wares for sale on Facebook, and using the image galleries to present information, as these pass into history they become harder to find and use. Social media is about the now, about presenting new and interesting information to people. 

Social Media is all about being Social!

But it’s mainly about being Social, about communicating with people, be they friends, fans or clients. Using Social Media to reach out and communicate with people, to let people ask questions, deal openly with customer queries and complaints, to show how well you deal with people and the great service you offer. That’s where Social Media offers businesses great value, but just using it to dump some information on and use it as a free website, that just won’t work.

Enough already, on with the video!

So, have a watch of the video, and let me know what your thoughts are.

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A mobile user is 67% more likely to purchase online on a mobile compatible website.
A mobile user is 67% more likely to purchase online on a mobile compatible website.

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