How to set up a Hotel Booking Website!

How do you set up a site for Hotel Bookings?77% of business to customer companies have acquired new customers through Facebook

There are loads of different ways of setting up a hotel booking website, but the way I’m going to shop you involves WordPress and WooCommerce, so you’ll need to set those up by following the instructions for setting up WordPress and WooCommerce.

So once you’ve got the site up and running, and WooCommerce up and ready to accept sales, all you need to do is change WooCommerce from selling items, to booking rooms, and this is done through the Woocommerce Easy Booking PlugIn.

So head back to your sites PlugIn section, and search for WooCommerce Easy Booking, following the instructions to install and activate it.

Configuring WooCommerce Easy Booking

Easy Booking adds some settings to WooCommerce, mainly about how people will book dates (by the night is standard), and whether the week starts on a Sunday or Monday, these should be simple to set up, and will depend on how you do business.

Setting up your Rooms

Because all we’re doing is changing selling products by the quantity, to rooms by the night here, you’ll need to add your rooms as Products. When you go into new product in WooCommerce, you’ll notice a new product category next the others just beneath the product description box. This category is “Bookable”, this allows you to set the Bookings Tab beneath, which allows settings from the configuration to be changed on a by product basis. Once the price is set, and the product saved out, you’ll notice in your “shop” in WooCommerce, that the room can now be booked, and dates selected for when the customer wants to book the room.

It’s really that straight-forwards

The difficult part was setting up the shop really, and WooCommerce Easy Booking makes everything super easy to configure your hotel booking site.

Things worth thinking about, are possibly getting the plug-in which automatically blocks off dates when booked (so you don’t get double bookings, but you can do that manually if the site isn’t that busy.

If you’ve any questions about this article, or need any help with anything, just get in contact with us.

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