Internet Access is now a Human Right


I was just reading this article, on Gizmodo, that the United Nations Human Rights Council has now defined access to the Internet as a Human Right, and that any attempt to restrict or cut off access to the Internet is a Human Rights Violation.

Now while this might make a dispute with your ISP if you don’t pay your bill slightly more amusing, and probably a lot more bemusing for the poor soul at the other end of the phone. “You’re violating my human rights!”, it has no legal standing, and you certainly won’t be able to call in the UN Peacekeeping forces to help (UN Resolutions only bind countries, not individuals or companies). It does lead to an interesting new part of human existence, where access to knowledge, communication and entertainment is considered an absolute right of all of humanity.

Progress continues at an ever increasing rate, and while making the Internet a Human Right might seem frivolous to many, the fact it’s how an increasing proportion of people get their news, talk to their friends and families, share cat videos and organise political movements makes this a very forward looking and necessary decision.


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