Graphic Design

The Three Whats!easel_rainbow_2

We like to break things down into three simple ‘whats’.  What is it? What does it do for me?  And what can Scruffy Dug do to help?  So . . .

What is Graphic Design?

To put it simply its the design of the graphical style used for a company or enterprise, from the logo, to the colours that represent them, right down to the individual font used.

This extends from the website, through to your business cards, headed paper, advertising flyers, catalogues, in fact it encompases every interaction between you and your customers. The branded uniform of the person serving you coffee, the branding on the coffee cup, the menu you ordered from, through to the design of the receipt they hand you when you pay.

What can Graphic Design do for me?

It provides a unified look and style for your customers to recognise, it can provide an eye-catching and identifiable hook so they know who they’re dealing with.  It can present your company in a professional way and if you don’t get it right it can make you look sub-standard.

What can Scruffy Dug do to help?

We can help at all stages, we can design you a logo, and take that, or one you’ve already got, and design business cards, flyers, adverts, brochures and menus.

We can design packaging for your products, working with production to create something striking on the shelf, providing you with mock-ups so you can see what things will look like long before production begins.

We can work with your marketing plan to create an entire visual style to reach the customers you want to target, and focus adverts and product packaging on the people you want to reach.

So what do I do next?

Just get in touch, and our friendly team will work with you and do everything they can to create a design you’ll love, and that will allow you to connect you with your customers.