The Three Whats!Hands_rainbow_2

We like to break things down into three simple ‘whats’.  What is it? What does it do for me?  And what can Scruffy Dug do to help?  So . . .

Create a community, not a network.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a way of connecting with other people, it’s really useful for connecting with old school friends, and viewing pictures of your cousins cat.  However, for businesses it’s also a great way of connecting with customers, and building enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

Social Media includes many websites you might already be familiar with, such as Facebook and Twitter, but YouTube, Flickr and many, many others also provide their own unique ways of communicating and building relationships.

What can Social Media do for me?

It can help get you out there, people who love what you’re doing or saying will share that with their friends, and if you capture the imagination, or tickle the funny bones of your target audience they’ll spread news of what you’re doing far and wide.

While being found on a Google search is important, the natural process of having someone share your social media acts like a personal recommendation.  It carries far more weight, forging a greater connection with your business than if a customer simply just finds you on the internet.

What can Scruffy Dug do to help?

We can help you form your own identity out there, or we can totally manage your social presence to keep your customers and followers up to date and engaged. Your identity may be formal and corporate, you might want to be more chatty and sociable, or you may even decide to be a bit irreverent and cheeky.  Whatever suits you, we can help you create your own relationship with your intended audience.

We’ll make sure there’s consistency between your company style and your social presence, you wouldn’t expect a chain of supermarkets to be jokey in their communications with customers, but more fun, less formal companies might be.  We’ll also make sure your branding is consistent across all platforms.  We can work with you to build an effective timetable to keep your audience regularly updated.

So what do I do next?

Just get in touch, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you build up your social presence online.