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We have been doing daily blogs for some time now, and we enjoy it very much, but it has occurred to us that we haven’t taken the time to introduce you to Scruffy Dug Design Solutions, and what we do.  So we would like to take some time to tell you what we’re all about, and what we can do for businesses and start-ups in central Scotland.

We are small group of professionals who have worked in all manner of businesses, small and large. Combining our skill sets we have experts in design, web creation, social media, marketing, book keeping, customer service, and business analysis.  What’s more, these skills have been applied to retail, telesales, fashion, hospitality, telecommunications, insurance, finance, and the drinks industry.  We have always strived to give our all in business and learn and enhance our skills, but always for someone else’s company.  When three of us found ourselves facing redundancy, we decided to take our destiny into our own hands.  We wanted to do things differently, building a fair and friendly business world.  We go out of our way to help people like us; people who have the knowledge and ability to do something special and haven’t yet had the opportunity or support to let them to strike out on their own.

When people have a skill, product or service and they want to start up a business, there are so many things to take into account.  This will take their time away from doing what they love and what they do best.  Getting bogged down with payroll is not what the budding tattoo artist had in mind.  A local charity might not envision how constant and time consuming social media can become, possibly drawing their attentions away from the main goal of their operation.  A brewer shouldn’t have to spend painstaking hours reworking logo designs or figuring out how to brand their business when they want to get on with making beer.

That’s why we guide young businesses through whichever aspect is furthest from their reach and offer support packages, acting like an external department;  a friendly, efficient extension of their business.  Web sites and social media are a part of most businesses these days but web design is a specialist skill, one we have in spades.  Have a website but no one sees it?  We will get you on that first page of Google to make sure get you noticed.  Need brochures or flyers to promote your business? We can work with you and produce exactly what you need.  Or, we can arrange and implement your entire start up process and let you get on with what you do best.

So don’t take those first, daunting steps alone – take a wee walk with Scruffy Dug.


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