How to make a good website!

Okay, to clarify first, I’m not talking about the technical nuts and bolts here, whether you should use a Content Management System, or get a custom site written for you, what language your site should be in, etc. none of that matters for these few nuggets of advice.

Easy to Read

Now, while developing your own prose style is vital, we’re talking a much more fundamental type of Ease of Reading here. The majority of users aren’t using 22″ monitors, or browsing through their internet connected 50″ TV, they’re using their mobiles and tablets. So making sure that your text shows up at a nice readable size is really important, if someone can’t read what you’ve written, they’re not going to come back.


The mobile web became the dominant way of browsing the web in 2013/14, and ever since it has been more and more important to make sure your site runs well on people’s mobile phones and tablets. The best way of doing this is to make sure your website responds to the device it is displayed on (called being “responsive”), but sizing itself and changing elements to ones more easily used on a touch screen device. If you needed further convincing, Google has now changed its ranking algorithms to downgrade the rank of any websites which don’t display correctly on Mobile platforms, making your website, if it’s one of these, harder to find.

A Flat Design

Another effect of the emerging mobile web has been the increasing use of “flat design”, taking over from the more flashy Web 2.0 designs of the noughties. Flat design is easier to view on a mobile device and the use of flat colours and designs not only look less complicated, but they decrease load times, vital when considering mobile users.

Getting these elements right, and improving the experience for mobile users can mean doubling your potential audience and therefore a chance to catch these users and double sales.

As always, if you have any questions, then please get in touch, and we’ll do our very best to help you.



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