The Beginning of the Beginning

So, we decided on a name, Scruffy Dug, something we thought showed our sense of fun, and was inspired by the two dogs sitting nearby as we discussed names.

While a staid, formal name would have been easy, this brought a smile to our faces, and if we’re going to work on something, having a smile is a good place to start. The scottish use of Dug, also helps mean we can grab the .com and domain names without stretching the name out with a full title, or adding hyphens, etc.

So, next we need a logo. Without it, we can’t launch the web site properly, can’t write to anyone with any sort of unified, organised front, and can’t produce business cards, so won’t be able to schmooze.

So to start sketching, first up a cartoon dog.


I’m not the best freehand artist, but it’s kind of fun. But it’s clear I’m going to have to hand over to Robert for better quality freehand drawings.

But, never one to sit around, I took an outline of a Schnauzer (the Scruffy Dug’s mentioned above) and and just kind of scribble on them to make the outlines scruffy.


Which kind of works, but isn’t what we’re looking for. So with time running short, I just added some photoshop effects to make them a little disco and see what came out.



Neither of which are what we’re looking for, so guess it’s time to wait for Robert to hand in his drawings tomorrow and see where we go from there.