Who are we?

Who we are!

We're a group of creative workmates who have years of experience working together as a team. We know each other well enough to contradict each other and tell each other when we're wrong. A closely knit team who can rely on each other, and work well together, learning from each others strengths.

There are four of us as shown on the chart, Catie, Claire, Fred and Robert, and we're based in Irvine, but work across the West Coast of Scotland and beyond.

Percentage Makeup of the Team

Quantity of Humans and Dogs in the Team

Why we are!

Faced with redundancy, we set up on our own. Deciding to keep together as we liked, respected and wanted to stay together.

Catie also has two dogs (the number of dogs to humans is shown on the chart), and we all wanted to work somewhere we could keep the dogs in the office. There's nothing quite like one of the dogs coming in, slamming their head onto your lap and demanding a tickle behind the ears.

Why are we!

We're creative sorts, with skills in design and web development. With two girls and two boys (shown on chart), we find that our skills complement each others, with the rational and creative sides of the company balancing each other extremely well.

As well as design skills we've also talents in almost all areas of running a small company, from logistics, marketing, accounts through to sales and research.


Male to Female breakdown of the Team

Percentage of the Team that likes Star Trek

What do we do?

Well, our mission statement is "To help you do, what you do best!", to take the awkward parts of running a small company, and get them out of your way to let you get on with what you do best. So we can organise your accounts, marketing plan, social media, web design, almost anything you can think of.

Mainly we do design, social media, market research and web development. We've created ecommerce web sites, hotel booking systems and online business cards, all designed to be responsive to mobile devices.

We've done graphic design for internationally recognised brands, as well as performing market research for some of the largest companies in the world.

We do a little of everything, which keeps every day fresh and fun.

We don't have wisdom, and can be a little silly at times, but bring joy and experience to our work which can help you succeed.

Quantity of Wisdom gained by Team during 1st Year of Operation

Percentage of Pie Chart that resembles Pacman!

So why not contact us, we’re a friendly bunch.