5 Tips If You’re A Start-up Starting Out In Social Media

  1. Be sure you are connecting with the right people

There are many social media platforms out there for your start-up to use.  Before you venture into social media you need to know your target demographic.  Create a table of the people and businesses you want to target and split them into categories based on age, interests, business type, etc.  Then do some online research to find out which social media channel each group prefers, this way you won’t waste time or resources on the wrong platform.

  1. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Once you know which platforms are best for you, focus on one to begin with.  Once it’s up and running and you’re happy with it you can start to add the other platforms as appropriate.

  1. Keep social media social

Whenever you receive a share or follow make sure you publicly acknowledge it.  They’re showing an interest in what you do and helping your business grow so it’s nice to be able to thank them in whatever small way you can.  Shares, likes and follows are a great way of doing this.

  1. Connect your content

Once you’re comfortable you can start to build on your social presence by using other social media platforms, so these should be linked.  For example if you write a blog make sure it’s linked to, and shared on, your other social media outlets.  Don’t forget to remind them at the bottom of the blog where they can find you on other platforms.  It is also a good idea to link your social media through a website to keep your ranking high, and also avoid being lost if the algorithms change on one of your chosen social spaces.

  1. Keep a cool head

We’ve seen businesses ruin their reputations overnight by getting caught up in arguments on social media or responding aggressively to trolls.  It’s rarely worth letting it get to you and it’s never worth publicly losing your head over it.


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