Five Reasons you need a Website

So, you’ve set up a business, you’re making hats, or making beer, or selling on your knowledge and experience, you know about the internet, but how does it relate to you. Why do you need a website, why should you pay out for this perhaps superfluous service, and why would you pay someone to do this for you.

Well today we’ll concentrate on the first of these.


Google is hugely massively successful and becoming integrated into part of almost everyone’s lives. How do you find out about almost anything these days? You Google it! So getting your name out there is essential, whether you’re selling worldwide, or just selling locally. When people are searching for the needs they’ve got you can fulfil, you want to be there to be the answer to their question. So if you’re a pizza restaurant, and someone is asking where they can get pizza, you want to be there online, saying come here, this is what I can do for you.


While you could rely upon social media to communicate with your customers, having your own website is the ideal way of getting your brand out there. A place to group together all of your products and services, and organise and present them in the best possible way. Creating the one stop shop for all a customers needs to deal with you, from customer service, questions, online shop and product information.


Don’t get us wrong, Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are incredible tools for communicating with your customers, the best way is to have your own website. This gives you full control, but also allows you to create a non-time related way of communicating, putting important information always in a prominent place rather than letting it get lost in the history of more recent postings as can happen on the social networks.


You can bet your competition are out there, even if you’re the first in your town with your product, if people can’t locate you, then there are others further afield who can be easily located and are more than happy to snap up customers for themselves.

Increase Revenue,

This is the biggie, and I should probably have led with this instead of burying it back here, but if the others haven’t swung you over, then this one should. According to the Small Business Association, small businesses that have websites average around 40% higher revenue than  competitors who do not have websites. That’s an extra 40% of business you could be doing, an extra 40% money in your pocket, an extra 40% that if you don’t take, your competitors will.

If you’re interested in getting in touch about getting a new website, or redesigning/refreshing an old one, then our contact information can be found here.



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